Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello folks - there's 'nother Belly Button up, if anyone's bored today...

After helping Oli and Oliver set up the new Camden Comics Collective stall (now in its second successful week and with new added Andy Luke!) Jen and I travelled down to Chichester where she's musical directing the Xmas Show.

We had a really chilled day out at the awesome Cass Sculpture Foundation just up the road. We ended up staying a bit after sunset and shared the exhibition space with a couple of deer and some other wild animals. It's a really cool physical crossover between art and nature and you should all check it out...

When it reopens next year, as it's closed now for the winter.

Today I've been working in the Festival Theatre's Green Room while Jen's been rehearsing with the actors, who are all wondering how Giant a Giant Peach should be.

It's really cool walking around the theatre when it's empty. Hanging throughout the building are enormous photos of previous productions (and famous faces) going back decades, giving a real sense of theatrical history having taken place here.

Matty B's just sent me a really cool YouTube link: Code Monkey.
(Featuring music by the uber-talented Jonathan Coulton).

And while you're in a video-watching mood, you really, really, really have to check out 7:35 de la MaƱana.

That's it from me for another couplea days.
See you in the funny pages.

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