Friday, August 31, 2018


(I mean the blog as a medium.
This blog is merely sleeping.)

I really miss writing the blog so I'm determined to make a proper return this year - especially since blogs are officially dead and everyone's moved over to permission marketing / newsletters. One of my most endearing qualities is the way I jump on bandwagons that everyone else has already abandoned.

Couple of things before returning to hiatus:

I'm very excited to say that I'm writing the next Chopper saga, Wandering Soul, in Judge Dredd Megazine - with art by Brendan McCarthy! I rave about what a dream come true it was to be asked to write Chopper - probably my favourite AD character - over at the 2000 AD Blog, and it's honestly true. I also had a quick word with SFX Magazine about the upcoming series (I haven't managed to leave the desk to track a copy of the magazine down but someone at the 2000 AD office did - evidence to the left!)

Chopper! IKR?!

Five episodes, each chapter consisting of ten pulse-pounding pages - meaning that Wandering Soul is fifty pages long, just like all of the best Chopper sagas. (Go check!) I've been channelling my inner Wagner and I really hope you like what Brendan and I have cooked up.

In other news I also appear, as a talking head, in a new film by the Scottish Parliament's cross-party forward-focused think tank Scotland's Future Forum - alongside Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, award-winning actor Brian Cox and world-famous crime novelist Christopher Brookmyre. They also included a bunch of my artwork, which was very cool to see on the big screen - and made a nice change from looking at my face.

Watch the whole thing here:

It was great to be invited to Edinburgh for the premier and a QnA session - it's not every day you get to visit a Parliament building you actually voted for and then hang out with Hollywood royalty while eating free canapes.

Other recent opportunities to get sick of my voice and/or face include a chat I had with the awesome Working Comics podcast and an interview in The Herald newspaper. (Front page! Double page spread! Photo from my appearance at last year's Edinburgh Book Festival!)

Gaze upon my visage, and make sure you don't get confused about which headline applies to me.

Take care - see you soon,


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dear Reader!

The last couple of years have been a wild ride and, although I really enjoy updating this blog and using it as a kind of newsletter that doesn't show up in your inbox and annoy you, I just don't have the time to devote to it right now.

I'm hoping this is more of a hiatus than an obituary, but I didn't want to go without saying goodbye.

I'll still be micro-blogging (on twitter) and doing interviews and the odd bit of promo on podcasts but I have so much on right now that I need to get my head down and focus on that.

Goodbye (but not forever!)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I was delighted to be invited to 2000 AD's 40th birthday party last month. It was awesome. (Although a bit weird to attend an event in London and have to travel there, having spent so many years just getting the tube to LDN comics stuff...) 

I spent a very cool day sketching, signing and chatting with fellow 2000 AD fans and nerds. This is the kind of thing I was asked to draw:

I even signed a bunch of comics I had nothing to do with - this one was published before I was even born!

Prog One.

Peace out.

Monday, October 10, 2016

I went to New York Comicon and all I got was to meet a Time Lord.

Which was pretty cool.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Crazy busy week - but I thought I'd better write a quick blog about upcoming events and how to find me if that's the sort of thing you want to do.

So these are places I'll be over the next couple of months:

I'm flying out to New York tomorrow morning and hope to land in time to take part in the VERTIGO: The New #1s panel (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Room 1A21) along with legends like Shelly Bond, Tom King, Lauren Beukes, Holly Black, Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke.

If I look a little jetlagged and frazzled that's because I absolutely will be.

Speaking of which the new Vertigo 12 New #1s promo poster came in and looks a bit like this:

As for NYCC, I'll be hanging out at DC for most of the convention, availing myself of their generous buffet, and occasionally doing PR interviews. I'll also be walking the floor (marching my way through a food coma) during the day and tearing up dance floors at various comics parties until 4/5am every night.

As ever if you're looking for me, the best way to contact me is by email or @ me on Twitter.

THE BLOG IS DEAD (I mean the blog as a medium. This blog is merely sleeping.) I really miss writing the blog so I'm determined ...