Monday, November 12, 2007

CRrrAazy work week.
Anyone waiting on an email...

Um... Keep waiting. I'm not doing emails today.

I'll post something about what I'm working on at some point, but until then - some links:

Jarett Kobek posts an interesting appreciation of Eddie Campbell's autobio comics on his blog. Worth reading even if you're not a fan. And if you're not then you probably haven't read him. Go out now and pick up How To Be An Artist. It's very good.

Scott Adams answers Dilbert questions for the NYT Freakonomics blog. As usual he's intelligent and witty. Bastard.

Pictures of the recently opened King Tut's Tomb exhibition.

A man's been arrested for trying to defraud the Bank of England using phoney £500,000 notes. His first mistake. There are no £500,000 notes. Yeah. Isn't that great?

Chad Varah, founder of The Samaritans, passed away recently. Not many people (myself included) knew that he had ties to the Eagle comic. Apart from that he led a great and fascinating life. Obituary here.

And I'm still trying to figure out if this is the bing you used to be able to smell from my old home town...

Back to work - hope you're all well.
If not I wouldn't bother telling me in an email. Do you have carrier pigeon?

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Unknown said...

Does that man know someone's glued his hands to the glass?

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