Thursday, February 15, 2007

Standing in a queue at a bookshop I noticed that I was the only one not buying a Valentine's gift (e.g. a 'chick' book or a 'guy' book) and a card. Instead I had this week's 2000AD.

I wondered if this was perhaps a poignant metaphor for me, comicbooks and my own unawareness of my place in society...
(I made a card, before anyone accuses me of being unromantic andor cheap...)

Got bugger all work done yesterday but was still pretty windy.

Saw Hot Fuzz last night before the mad Valentine's Day rush - really good. It features the funniest flying kick in cinema history.
Seeing 300 tonight.

Are you reading Steve Canyon?
(The story started on the 14th of January so you can still catch up!)

I still have water in my ear.

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