Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I still have water in my ear.
What's that about?

Some news from last week, some of which you may have missed.

The man who will attend his own wake
When you are told you have just months to live what do you do? Andy Fitchett, 56, decided to organise his own wake and is hosting it.

Dark matter problems soon to be solved?
"This is one step toward a more complete understanding of the formation of structure in the Universe, which is one of the fundamental goals of astrophysics."

Island religion based on American GI
"John is our god," declares village chief Isaac Wan, who beats his fists into the ground to emphasise his words.

"One day he will come back," he says.
Believers are convinced that John Frum was an American.
The name could well have come from war-time GIs who introduced themselves as "Jon from America."

A London Journalist sells up and moves to LA determined to become a Hollywood screenwriter - and she's keeping a blog.
So here I am in California. After 10 years of dreaming it, and a year of planning it, last week I finally got on a Virgin Atlantic flight to LAX (incidentally, The Departed is surely the only film in the world that loses nothing viewed on a six-inch screen), and now here I am in my whitewashed studio apartment in Venice, living the dream.

German paraglider survives 32000 ft drop!
A German paragliding champion has survived being sucked into a storm that pulled her higher than Mount Everest.

And please, please, please don't buy Britney's hair.

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