Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Had dental work done today and feel a bit groggy. Please ignore any sloppiness in the following post (although I have no excuse for the last two years of sloppiness so feel free to blame it on my poor proofreading skills…)

I’m going to head off for a few days with Jen and relax after the exertions of the weekend. It will also be quite nice to get a chance to edit Kwot in the countryside.
(That is, edit my new comic, Kwot, in the countryside. Not edit my new comic Kwot In The Countryside. Although I do like the title now that it’s occurred to me).

I’ve decided to spend some more time on it before the ukwebandminicomixthing, which is now only ten days away. (How time flies when you’re constructing three point perspective grids).
That probably means I’ll only have preview pages from Almost Dead instead of the complete article, but I’m not too unhappy about that, as some of the material I had earmarked for it should rightly be saved for my next two short comics projects, The Amoebas and November.

I don’t want to be double dipping, after all.

Any and all emails and phone calls will be answered Friday at the earliest.
Apologies in advance.
(No, not really. Just yet more excuses!)

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