Saturday, March 20, 2004

My room is a disaster zone tonight. I have bits of black cotton, board and paper cuttings and bent staples all over the place.

I'm almost ready for tomorrow though...

Consulting my To Do list I still have to...
Shave head
Shave chin
Find (and iron?) clean shirt

I'm not sure if the question mark was me wondering whether I have an already ironed shirt, or if I was trying to decide whether I could be bothered ironing.

On a more sombre note, Martin Emond, a comic artist I have been very fond of for years committed suicide today. CBR has an obit of sorts by James Sime, and a quick review of his work.

This morning I read about the controversy over the suicide of Elliot Smith in today's paper.
It's such a shame that a creative nature seems so often to go hand in hand with a self destructive one.

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