Sunday, March 21, 2004

I'm still recovering from Saturday.
It was exhausting, but equally rewarding.

I didn't quite make a profit, at least in financial terms, but I can't help but feel that my first convention as a creator was a resounding success.
A few people bought my comics, and more than that expressed an interest. These things please me no end.

I met lots of people whose names or faces I knew before, but didn't really know who they were. And now I do.

And I got to eat chicken soup while watching potential punters flick through my creations.

As an event it was also an absolute success. Patrick Findlay should be applauded for his organisation and hard work. I think he managed to create something quite special on Saturday, something which a lot of people are grateful for, and no one had anything but good words for the event or the organiser.

I'm going to write a proper report once it?s all settled in my brain, and I can be a bit more objective about it all. I also have some before and after pics of the Octagon which I think are good.

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