Friday, March 19, 2004

Hmmm.. I don't post for a full week, and what's the first thing I tell you when I do?
I have a dodgy tummy this morning...


I'm taking things slowly today because of my aforementioned ailment.
The ukwebandminicomixthing is tomorrow at the Octagon, between Mile End and Stepney Green tube stations and if you're anywhere near at all please do drop in.
I'm really looking forward to it.

It's being run by Patrick Findlay, and features such comics superstars as Roger Langridge, Al Davidson, Gary Spencer Millidge, The Zip Gun Brothers, Gary Northfield, Just One Page, Engine Comics and GOSH!
I'll be quietly tending my stock at stall 17 if anyone wants to say hi.

I'll be selling all of my comics for one pound, and sketches of comics characters (or anything I can draw on the day in under half an hour) are also a pound but with that money going to charity, as opposed to paying my printer's bills.

I still have bits and pieces to do before tomorrow, and I think I need a bit more sleep too - so I'll get on with that and leave you to enjoy your Friday.

Have fun!

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