Tuesday, April 29, 2003

X2 comes out this week. I've been trying to organise an en masse visit to a West End monster cinema to see it on Thursday but it's about as easy as sculpting a scale replica of St Pauls cathedral with raspberry jelly.

Oh, and I've been trying to buy a new DVD player for the house too. Yesterday they had sold out of the model I was after and today they had it back in stock but they decided to close early.

I'm at the tidy up stage of my Epic Submissions (five of them in all so far) and motivating myself to take the raw scripts and flesh out the panel directions is getting tricky.

Looking forward to Comics 2003 this year - I think I'm going to take along a bag full of copies of AF and give them out. How many is the question I should ask myself. Sometime before I make it to the counter at Kinkos preferrably.

A weekend in Bristol sounds really nice at the moment, especially if the weather is good.
I lived in Bristol for about 6 months during a summer placement with British Aerospace, and I really like it. Especially when it's sunny. It's a city, with all the perks of a city - facilities, scale, night life - but feels more like a cool, chilled out town. I had planned to go back there after graduating until London called.

All of this excitement and I got a spot of food poisoning too from a yoghurt in the canteen this morning.


I promise to have something more interesting to say before the week is out!

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