Friday, April 25, 2003

It's been a bit of a quiet week.
I think everyone's still full of easter egg.

A brief summary of this weeks cultural undertakings :

- The Bombitty of Errors (absolutely fantastic - go see)
- Bulletproof Monk (some good bits, some awful bits - don't take your girlfriend to see it - she won't go see X2 with you!)
- In This World (Michael Winterbottoms tale about Afghan refugees coming to London. Hmmm.. Worthwhile)
- The King And I (Norwich - very good music. I particularly enjoyed keyboard #3)
- Man Utd game (I don't like football but this was good)
- Celtic game (I don't like football but this was good, and I might go to Seville for the green and white final)
- Ultimate X-Men Book 3 (I'm really enjoying this and didn't think I would)
- King Canute (I like Eddie Campbell and I liked this)
- Have You Fed The Fish? (I love Badly Drawn Boy and this is great)

Signing out, going for a run and having a relaxing weekend. I'll hopefully have something more interesting to say next week.
When I've digested all the choccy egg still in my belly.

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