Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Well I've been working all night tidying up my website.
I realised that I'm on the verge of unleashing 200 copies of my new comic on the world and that my web address is plastered all over it.
Someone has to visit the site.

And when they do they aren't going to stick around very long if it's full of broken links and pictures of the bin in my kitchen (don't ask - it's gone now anyway!!)

Last night we went to see Ragtime in the Picadilly theatre.
I think it's the best musical I've ever seen. I was completely blown away, by both the book (script) and its depth. I haven't seen anything on stage that grabbed me as fully as this as shook me around untll the very last minute for years (discounting the Strong Room at the Edinburgh festival, but if you saw it yourself you'll know why I'm not counting it).

I'm really developing a passion for musical theatre.
My own effort is still being concieved behind the bikesheds of this website.

My eyes are closing as I type this so it's probably full of spelling and grammar mistakes.
Maybe have time to check it tomorrow.

Either way...

Good night.

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