Thursday, March 27, 2003

Well I must have been half asleep last night, as I thought I'd fixed all the broken links and javascript bugs on the website and guess what...
I did.
I just have lots of new ones!

Bugger it, they can keep until the weekend.

I feel all shiny and new this morning, for no reason whatsoever as far as I can tell... Despite trying to get 8 hours sleep I still only managed 7.
Maybe it's the caffeine.
Ahhh... That might be it.

Anyway - I normally hate testing my work, but it doesn't seem like a chore today for some reason. Maybe because like this website, my work-work has some bugs in needing of attention too. (Don't know why but I just had a flash of Kafka's Metamorphosis... Now there was a bug in need of attention!)
the real world is going to be seeing my work-website around about the same time as my arty one.
The big difference is the amount of hassle I'll get if there are still bugs in the work one!

Things of note today:
Marvel's new line Epic is having open field submission for potential writers / artists. That's really exciting (for me at least). Submission floodgates open in 3 to 6 weeks, so I'll be working on something this weekend. No matter how indie your sensibilities are, I think you must have a superhero idea somewhere in your skull.. Although Alex Robinson reckons he doesn't - he was asked to do something with Spider-Man last year and after getting all excited about the offer decided he had absolutely nothing to say about him as a character and passed it over.

Alex Robinson, in case you haven't heard of him, wrote a huge graphic novel called Box Office Poison. He's working on something new just now according to his website (which I'll have link to in the Other section) and I can't wait to see it. BOP is a slice of life saga about a group of twenty somethings growing up in NYC, learning to face the realities of life (and avoid the pitfalls). It took me a whole day to read it last year, and it was a really great day.
If you're doing the same I recommend finding a patch of grass that the sun is shining brightly on and set aside a few hours.

Oh and Grant Morrison is doing an 'In Conversation With' at the ICA tomorrow. Don't think I'll bother going - just wait for the inevitable dodgy transcript on the web in a month or so.

Good morning.

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