Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I know Avril Lavigne's shite, but she does have a nice voice, and a proper vocal range.
Am I too old to be a Sk8ter Boi?

Marketing award for the people who sold us QOTSA! I'm gutted! I really like them, but can't help but feel that I've been duped somewhere down the line.
(Something I meant to mention days ago, but never did... I might come back to this...)

Anyway - you might have noticed that I've been away from the blog for a few days. Actually, no - you won't. You're not even here - are you?
Well - if you were you'd notice that I hadn't checked in for a few days.

Remember my ear infection (you would if you'd been here to read about it!) Well I got a bit of a throbbing tooth the other day, but decided against mentioning it here, working with the flimsy theory that commiting something to black and white makes it all the more real. So, this pain might amount to nothing if I just ignore it, not speaking of it to anyone. I suppose it's an extension of the fiction-becomes-reality, but more like anything-written-which-is-even-vaguely-true-will-become-more-so.

I've not been able to chew food all day, so the red wine's having a powerful effect on my empty stomach.
I'm going to have to edit this like a demon when my head clears - I know!!

Anyway, my whole lower right jaw is swollen and I'm in the sort of pain that won't let you sleep. So I'm awake at this God-awful hour, watching digital TV and drinking red wine (I've used up my grace allowance of pain killers for this particular 24 hours...)

I've noticed that all of my ailments, which if you existed you'd be sick of hearing about by now, occur on the right hand side of my body. My ear infection, my toothache (it sounds so trivial when I call it that), when my nose bleeds it's always from the right nostril. My swollen toe - on my right foot. The horn that I found growing was on my right temple. My broken fingers...You can guess...

I'm trying to remember if it's the left or right side of your brain that controls your mathematical / scientific skills, and the right your creative ones or vice versa...
I know that the right brain controls the left side of your body and the right one your left hand side.

If the left is my creative side maybe it's getting fed up waiting for a proper outlet and it's complaining by producing these ailments. If it's the right side, maybe it's decided that enough's enough and it's going to retire.

'Excuse me sir - nose bleed from right nostril'
'@%$ it, corporal'
'It's our jurisdiction, sir!'
'I'm finished with this man's army, Jim. Let it flow...'

Just finished watching 'Buddy, Buddy' on TCM. Walther Matthau and Jack Lemmon. It's about a neurotic Jack Lemmon kinda character determined to commit suicide after his wife leaves him, who books a hotel room next to a mob hitman in order to do his final deed. I dunno if you've ever seen the Odd Couple. It's like that except with a bit more swearing and a better premise. Great stuff.
Especially if one side of your face is swollen and you can't concentrate on much at all...
Even Banzai!!

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