Tuesday, March 11, 2003

That last post was written in Waverly Station in Edinburgh, and didn't make it to Blog Land until last night.
The post that I should have posted last night was to be about my wonderful Sunday evening:
Champagne in the Ritz and fantastic Chinese food in Mayfair. The company of a beautiful woman. More champagne.
I'd say that every Sunday should be like that, but then I'd run the risk of not appreciating it when it comes along.

We sat at the next table across from some people who (we think) are working on the new Jerry Springer West End musical. One of them was Stewart Lee (or his old partner... I could never remember which was which). It would be nice to be able to have 'work' meetings in restaurants in Mayfair. Jen promised me that it'll be happening within five years.
I really hope so.

I say should have as when I should have been posting I was in the emptiest bar in London, being served by Sam Fox.
Nylon it's called, and apparently they're making some sort of reality TV show. If last night was anything to go by, without much success...
Three police vans waited patiently outside in case any trouble kicked off, but myself and my three companions (the only customers in the bar) where all quite placid.
We kindly thanked the policemen at the door for keeping us safe while we were there.
I think they appreciated it.

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