Monday, March 10, 2003

From 11:15pm - Thursday 5th March 2003

Ash Wednesday. I'd completely forgotten it was today until I spotted the palm ash spot on a girl's forehead in a pizza restaurant as I wandered round Edinburgh, waiting for my connecting train to arrive.
I always feel a shiver upon arriving in Edinburgh. The last few times I've told myself that it's the drop in temperature, but I know that I get it in the summer too...
Billy Connolly says that when he steps off the train at Glasgow he can feel it seep up his legs. I can't think of a better way of describing it.

Edinburgh's not home for me, but I spent five very good years studying here at university. It's where I learned what I loved about the world and why. I'd always loved. I just hadn't been aware of it before then.
Edinburgh was the blanket I wrapped myself in as I tried to grow into the man I wanted to be.

Edinburgh has a different memory on every corner for me. London will too, when I eventually leave it.
That thought makes me quite sad.

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