Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Dave says We Need To Talk.
Steph tells me that she's Coming Over later.
Julia Really Misses Me.
Tanner Can't Believe It.
Jamie Forgives Me.
Gabriella invites me to meet her Two Kinky College Friends.
Stayupallnight2314g wants to know Who Needs Sleep? (Yesterday Stayupallnight2314g offered to give me the ability to Make Her Beg)

Sound familiar?
Oh - you get exactly the same sort of junk mail? Does anyone really respond to this nonsense?
The ones that make me laugh are those that purport to be from Nigerian diplomats with millions to move out of the country, looking for good Christians to help them. All we need is your name, address, phone number and bank account details.
Lots of people have been caught out by that one - all well documented on the web. It makes for a very good half hours reading if you've got nothing better to do.

Normally I wouldn't think this was worth grumbling about, but I opened my IN box to find thirty e-mails and not one among was a genuine message.

Oh wait - just got a new message.
Billy wants to know if I want to meet his sister. I didn't even know he had one.
Kind of him to offer, but I'm busy tonight.

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