Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK first up - new Belly Button!

Everything's been a bit late this week, because of the juggernaut of a weekend I had.

On Friday night Matt and Leon were kind enough to entertain me oop north. First stop was a performance of the fantastic Peacock Boy by Crystal Stewart and the Boojum Theatre Company @ Contact. If this show comes on tour to a town near you, you really, really have to get out and see it - I was astounded by how good it was. After that there was the usual wandering round town, sampling of strange northern beverages, late night comics DJing and a veggie Chinese meal at 4am.

Of course, Saturday was the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds, which has been hailed, by some, as the greatest comics convention held on British soil. I think having the after party in a Casino was an inspired decision. Not only was there beer available for less than three pounds, but it also meant there was a dancefloor exclusively for comicy folk and the PA system could be plugged into an iPod. (Thanks Al).

I can't comment on the wrestling or all-night horror movie watching, although I'm guessing the people involved might not be able to either.

OK - next up in my rollercoaster comics diary is Comiket at the ICA. This Saturday everyone who survived last Saturday, and lives within decent travelling distance of the Queen's house, will be displaying their wares in the Nash and Brandon rooms from 1pm.

Be there or stay in bed.
It's up to you, really.

OK - you've read last week's 2000AD, you've read this week's Belly Button, what next for the bored, but discerning, reader?

Elephant Words
, of course! My latest story up there at the moment is called How To Make a Golem and can be read here.

Some more stuff for you:

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Esbjörn Svensson Trio - Serenade for the Renegade (Live) - 9m 16s of beautiful music
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Stickman Madness

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