Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When I was young, I remember a few mornings when my dad would leave the house to go to work and the car wouldn't start. This would be a calamity. Mum wouldn't be able to go to work either and she'd have to call a taxi. My brother and I would have to get a bus to school (or, more likely, walk and pocket the bus fare for comics).

It would shatter the routine we had - and first thing in the morning, before your brain wakes up, you need a routine.

I think the modern day equivalent, especially to a work-at-home guy like myself, is waking up and finding that the computer won't start. Which is what has just happened to me this morning. Easily fixed, thank Gronk, but it knocked me out of my routine and scuppered my plans for a productive start to the day.

Here are photos of myself and Leon wearing the helmet of Dredd at the recent Birmingham International Comics Show, courtesy of Termight Replicas:

More comics folk doing the same right here.

It's a New Belly Button Day today - and another before the end of the week. A third at the start of next week, and we'll be back on schedule. Rejoice, rejoice!


Declan Shalvey said...

Looks like you're tryin' to hold in a fart Dave.

Keep the Belly Buttons comin, I'm enjoyin them. Lookin forward to when the timeline catches up with us somewhat and we reach the climax....

.....where you meet ME!


David Baillie said...

Bugger - you guessed the punchline to the whole 52 part epic.
I'm gonna have to rethink this now...

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