Thursday, October 18, 2007

OK, OK - there'll be two Belly Buttons next week. And none this week.
Hope you can handle that.

It's been a crazy week - sandwiched as it is between the Birmingham International Comics Show and the wedding I'm attending this weekend in Zurich. I've just this minute finished all of this week's URGENT! work and I suppose I could stay up another 4 hours and knock out an episode of my 'weekly' strip. It probably wouldn't be all that great though, as I've been working flat out all day, and I'd be knackered for my flight tomorrow.

The convention was really great, and I had far more fun than I usually do at these things... And I usually have a lot. My Tongue of the Dead trades didn't arrive on time, but I have them now.

Anyone looking for a signed copy for £7.99 (including a sketch) email me at hello at davidbaillie dot net. The book collects all three issues of the fantasy epic miniseries, along with extensive story notes, the Zombie Interviews and an all new short story called The Forgetful Stranger.

Roundings up of the BICS have come in so far from:
Lew Stringer
Oliver Rollingstock
Sean Azzopardi

In other webNews:

Over at, Andy Winter gives self-publishers the low down on the direct market distributer Diamond.

My good friend Tarquin Dick has just scored an interview with the Hollywood legend Mickey Rourke - and very enlightening it is too.

I didn't know that Watson of Watson and Crick fame was still alive. I certainly didn't know that he's a raving homophobic racist.
Nobody tell Jeff Goldblum.

In Rainbows is good. Have you downloaded it yet?

Oh and the new Judge Dredd Megazine is out this week. Diary of Comics Superstar column by me in there as usual.

OK - a few emails and then bed. Have a good weekend.


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