Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stand back - CLEAR! CLEAR!





Bzzzzt -

beep... beep... beep...

No - this blog is not dead.

My intention was to slow blog posting during the first few episodes of my new web comic to divert traffic there instead. (And it has worked - through the power of my magical webstats machine I can see you all coming here, checking to see if I have anything to say then going to the front page to see if I've updated the Belly Button Chronicles early...)

I say that was my intention, because I didn't think it would slow down this much. As (bad) luck would have it I've had a deadline crush on a number of projects and more hardware and internet connection problems than... Well, than you have presumably if you're checking in here every day!

What does everyone think of the Belly Button comic? Feel free to mail me or leave comments here. Rude ones will be deleted. And the authors punished.

In the meantime - new Megazine out this week with my 'grumpy column' in it (although I don't have my comp yet copies yet, so let me know if I missed any typos).
New Tongue of The Dead trade paperback out soon (not back from the printers yet).
New story in Dec Shalvey's Your Round #2 - A Man Called Stout.
Still available through Diamond - Tripwire Annual 2007 and Accent UK's Zombies. Any trouble ordering either from your local comic shop, let me know and I'll sort you out.

I'm also doing some work for Comics International and (according to an email just in) Imagine FX magazine. On top of that there's all the comics stuff I can't tell you about (unless you find me and beg at the upcoming BICS).

Instead, let me tell you about the following web things:

Did you miss the Chic Murray documentary? Here are some of his best one liners.

Caleb Monroe has compiled a list of interesting things for those who might want to write comics - here.

An old Winsor McCay animation adapted from a Rarebit Fiend comic - here.

For the Love of God - a BBC story about an animated short I saw last weekend at the Canary Wharf film festival. (Try to find it somewhere if you can).

Marvel's Tom Brevoort has a list of his favourite Jack Kirby covers - here.

Clive James' website - where he has archived interviews from his Sky Arts show. I happened across this after a late night/early morn wind-down in front of the TV last week when I caught the tail end of CJ interviewing Stephen Fry. It was fascinating watching these two intellectual heavyweights reclining on an Ikea couch, bellies toward the camera, their features slowly drifting down their faces, swapping ideas and anecdotes. It made me acutely aware of the ageing process, and made me wonder if it was something I was looking forward to...
Does being an intellectual somehow compensate for physical decline? If so I might have to become one.

As I've said before, if you're not reading Scott Adam's blog, you're missing out. For starters he updates every day. And what's more, every post is interesting, lucid and thought provoking. Two recent gems - here and here.

Finally - go to this link (Good until next Sunday) and scroll down to the 23.00 slot. Click and listen to the first half of Rob Newman's Apocalypso Now. I saw the show at the Kilburn Tricycle earlier this year and it's a great showcase of his razor sharp political comedy (although a couple of gags don't quite translate to radio). Part two next week.

In other news my washing machine is broken.
And my friend Jane has a spare ticket fro Prince at the O2 thingy tonight if anyone fancies?


Anonymous said...

"What does everyone think of the Belly Button comic?"

Everyone thinks it's ace!

(Disclaimer: I am not every woman. It is most assuredly not "all in muuuhheeee.")

See you at Brumacon.


David Baillie said...

I so want to write a Future Shock where you wake up and you actually are every woman, Mr Craig...

I can't see Tharg buying it, though...

Yeah, can't wait from broomcon - Look forward to seeing you there. I take it you have a table again?

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