Friday, September 28, 2007

Well I'll be getting to bed ten minutes earlier than I have every other night this week then...

And what a week I've had. Let me tell you.
Or don't.
It's your call really.

Between my laptop getting all hormonal on me and our internet connection going haywire at just the wrong time it's been a nightmare trying to get anything done in the last few days. But clients have recieved work, Tongue of the Dead is off to the printers and the latest Belly Button strip is live, tra la la la la.

If you have the BBC iPlayer thing, I highly recommend you download the BBC4 Moebius documentary. It's worth it just to hear what Jodorowsky has to say about Batman.

Now shhh.. It's late, so no one's looking - this site has a bunch of (readable) original art from old EC comics.

Joe Sacco says Just Do It.

Bollocks - it's 4am again.
Looks like I'm in a routine.

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