Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, as some of you have obviously noticed, episode 1 of The Belly Button Bubble Chronicles is up. Part 2 should materialise next Monday morning (if my scripting skills are up to the challenge!)

Once you've read that (and told all your friends and family about it) I bet you'll be at a loss what to do with yourself. Well you could stay in and wait until 2230 tonight when Radio 2 will be broadcasting Neither Here Nor There, a celebration of Chic Murray's comedy and life. He's the funniest comedian you've probably never heard of and you can thank me tomorrow for it.

Until then you could listen to old Pearl Jam concerts over at pearljamlive.com - just don't do what I did and type pearjamlive instead, as someone's bought it and is trying to make money from our bad keyboard skills.

At the same, you could work your way through these drawing lessons, helpfully provided by DrawSpace. Or perhaps check out these writing resources instead.

Or you could have some fun playing on the Cover Browser. Look how Batman's covers have changed over the years for example:



I think I prefer the old ones...

Recommended by Martin Eden - Bloxors. It looks like it'll drive you mad.

And a great big hole in the night sky has been found - devoid of normal matter and dark matter. It's like the start of a sci-fi short story... In fact maybe it is.

And then Clive James (I know I link to almost all his columns, but they're so good!) asks Is Happiness Enough? Read that, then go pick up or borrow his Unreliable Memoirs. Again, you can thanks me later.

In fact - you can thank me by telling everyone about the Belly Button Chronicles - which is only available from the frontpage at www.davidbaillie.net - every Monday morning for the next 51 weeks. (Banners below)

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