Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Sun newspaper finally does something to justify its existence after only 43 years.

Gaz Topp is actually spelled 'Gaz Top' and anyway he prefers to be called Gareth Jones now. He also has a website.
Go Gaz.

The hardest duck in the world.

Oo vudge welcome - all the Blue Jam you could possibly want.

Douglas puts us all to shame again with his fantastic Showdown... It's probably been up there for months, if not years, but I don't recall reading it before.

Paul says he loves Alan Moore. I can see them making a lovely couple actually... Hi Paul! Where's your website gone? I want to link to it, but I can't. Since it's not there any more.

Also hi to Matt B - I'm doing the 'Other' section this week (unless rent-paying work comes along, in which case it'll be postponed) and putting a collection of links in it, so you have to start blogging again soon!


Unknown said...

I thought I'd return the favour since you put a comment on mine. Any chance of linking to the blog when you get around to doing your others bit on your site too?

David Baillie said...

That was a lovely cover image - I had to comment. Can I stick it up here tomorrow?

Your blog is already in my links list. Although judging by your hit counter you don't need the traffic!

Paul Fryer said...

I'm at http://www.doodleshed.co.uk now. Bastards ran off with my .com url. :( Not much there now, but comics are coming! Once I've finished Merlin's, I'm back to Great Vagueness again, only it's WAY cooler now. WITNESS!! Seriously. I really love this comic. :D

Doug's Showdown's been there a while I think... but yeah, it is brilliant. :D Thanks for pointing me back at it! :D

& while we're sharing comics..
Haven't read it all yet, but I'm a big fan of William G's, so I'm sure he won't disappoint. :D

David Baillie said...

Dang Paul - that is nice! Did you do that in Open Canvas?

Thanks for the Bang Barstal link - haven't heard of William G, but I really like his stuff.

And consider yourself linked!

Paul Fryer said...

Thank you very much! I will link you back, of course! :D

Yeah, it's OC4, which is very similar to OC1 only it has "normal" layers, thank GOD! XD Bit of a rush job, like all my colour stuff, but yeah! Spacesuits are awesome. :D

William G used to do It's About Girls, which was awesome. It's being reprieved with another artist in february, I think. Yay!

Finally, have I pointed you at Kiwis By Beat before? Equally amazing stuff. :D I'm a big, big fan of Mr Rezo also. :D Minus is... amazing? Can I use that word yet again? XD

David Baillie said...

Just read a few of the Minus strips... Wow... I've bookmarked for later. And more of William G's stuff.

Thanks Paul!

Douglas said...

Aw thanks - you're being too kind as usual.

David Baillie said...

For once Douglas, I don't think I am!

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