Monday, February 05, 2007

Working like a crackhead this week in order to get things done for when they're supposed to be done. If you're waiting on contact from me of any kind, probably best if you just pretend I don't exist until you hear otherwise. That's what my friends and family do anyway.*

Here's something really cool - Alan Moore being interviewed by Gaz Topp on Saturday morning TV in 1987.
I wonder if I saw this when it was originally broadcast (I'd have been 10 and watched Get Fresh almost every week, so chances are...).

Two things to get excited about - William Gibson's new novel:

And Clive James starts blogging for the BBC:

* If you are a member of my friends and family and you're not doing this, please start.

1 comment:

Paul Fryer said...

"It's just a list of directions for the artist.."

hahaha! I love Alan. :D <3

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