Monday, February 12, 2007

On the front page of my website it says:
David Baillie leaps out of bed every morning ready for the day ahead.
He writes and draws comics.
The second one is demonstrably true. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love the first point to be equally true, it isn't .
Not every day.
Some days I have no wind in my sails. Other days I have the wind taken out by someone or something. Yesterday something happened which knocked me for six. What it was isn't important. It was actually no big deal - but at the time it seemed like it was.
I'm not a delicate soul but anyway it stole a few pints of wind from my metaphorical sails.

Today it's the fact that I wanted to get a certain amount of work done and I probably only managed about half that amount. I also just realised it's after ten o'clock and that means I can't go for the swim I had planned for this evening because the gym's closed.

Add to this the fact that I've made a scheduling error for the middle of March that means I'm going to have to miss out on at least one thing I was really looking forward to, and you have a potential cocktail of wind-diminishing somethings.

Jen got me a copy of Wendy Cook's Peter Cook biography yesterday. I might just fold up the sails, make a nice cup of tea and read it in bed.

My to do list (for no reason other than it's open and I just absent mindedly copied it):
Finish OTHER section :
- Links
- Photos
- Videos
Then upload to websrvr

Put TRS2 review up on testimony section of website

Email Ed Hilya - ask him if he lives in Mile End

Pay National Insurance

Start a weekly comic

Write and submit those 2 X Commando stories

And a new Future Shock

Finish Jen's website

The only other thing I can offer you this cold, inhospitable February evening is news that my love of the Rocky films is shared by a small Serbian village.

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