Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For anyone that's interested I didn't make a cup of tea last night, but I did sit in bed for a couple of hours reading the Wendy/Peter Cook book. I'm about a third of the way through now and I'm really enjoying it - she's an excellent writer and obviously has a unique take on Cook, Moore that deviates substantially from the other books/plays/TV dramas you might have seen.

My sails are windy again today. In a second I'll be off for an early morning swim and then back to tackle page 8 of Tongue of the Dead #3. So far pages 3 and 8 are my favourites.

According to those two giants of the UK comics scene Dan Fish and Matthew Craig, Panini are translating and packaging the Spider-Man and Wolverine stories I mentioned here last month, along with a Daredevil story I haven't seen on any foreign trips, and the whole package will be out in July for under a tenner. This means that Marvel Europa is the comic I'm most excited about reading this summer.


Anonymous said...

9 does not equal early morning swim, Dave! I was in the office for eight.
You make me sick.


David Baillie said...

I agree.
I do make you sick.

And I have water in my ear.

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