Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If you head on over to this very second you’ll see it has a new masthead, designed by yours truly. It is on a rotating schedule with other logos (which you can see here) and will be appearing on the 8th, 16th and 24th of each month, if any news is posted there that day.

I was asked to come up with something last year by Matt Badham (whose blog is on temporary hiatus but will be found here when he returns) while he was in charge of the site. I knocked up a few designs on the back of my (then uncompleted) tax return and some in Illustrator but didn’t come up with anything I was entirely happy with. Then Matt got fruitful and multiplied and hung up his Boss of Bugpowder hat. And I forgot all about logos.

Until last week when, while I was going through my laptop looking for large art files to transfer across to my external hard drive and found this...

Which I kinda liked. So I sent it over to Dan Fish, effectively the new Boss of the Bugpowder Blog, and Mr Badham for their opinion. They liked it, but it turned out to be entirely the wrong dimensions for its intended purpose.

So I stretched it a bit and got this:

Which I wasn’t over the moon about, truth-be-told. Pete Ashton (who used to be Boss of Bugpowder) suggested getting rid of the text at the top and bottom to make it less cluttered, but I still wasn’t over the moon. So on Saturday I played around with the idea and came up with two new-but-related logos.

This one was rejected:

And this one is at the top of Bugpowder today:

So there you go.


James Morris said...

I like it... nice page with all the different logos on. Mentale. Hope all's well, Dave.

David Baillie said...

You too Mr Jampot!
When are we getting more music then?

James Morris said...

Soon... very soon!

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