Saturday, October 14, 2006

24 Hour Comics Day was great – many lovely comics were produced and some of us even got sleep. Not me. Obviously not me. I discovered that stories seem to take on a malicious bent after extreme sleep deprivation – anyone who gets a copy of my comic A Dog’s Tale will see what I mean.

I’ll be sending out an email gathering up sponsorship money on Monday, but I think I’ve got just over three hundred pounds.

This week while my better half was attending West End premiers and mixing with the likes of Sheila Hancock, Maureen Lipman, Cilla Black and John Major I was seeing all the same faces I did at the weekend (Dan Fish, Dan Merlin, Joel, Anna, Ade, Mark, Sean – oh wait and Frank Skinner, too!) at the Lost Girls event at the Logan Institute.

Stewart Lee (of Jerry Springer the Opera infamy) hosted, while Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie talked about their porno-epic. Which was very entertaining and edumacational. I sneaked out a minute before the end so that I didn’t have to queue for six hours to get mine autographed. Oh and Voice of the Fire – if you haven’t read it, and you like Alan Moore’s writing even a bit, you really need to. I got that signed, too.

My body clock has been a mess all week (although I got a new one for my birthday – remind me to post a picture of it and tell you what I did when I have more time) and so apologies to anyone in my email pile up. I’ll get round to it.

Some things you need to do and see:

Most urgently – you need to go watch last week’s Horizon, Chimps are People Too presented by Danny Wallace. It’s only going to be online until the 17th of this month – so get going!
(Did you know that it was the first edition of Horizon with an actual presenter in 40-odd years?)

A really good piece in The Times the other day about the writing habits of some writers who do quite well for themselves.

A short interview with the most creative guy in comics, Chris Ware.

I think that’s it.
Remind me to tell you about my birthday next time…
(I bet you can’t wait)

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