Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello and welcome back!

You may have noticed that I’ve turned comments on here… Which is making it slightly more difficult for me to write this thinking that no one is reading. Feel free to challenge my wilful self-delusion by leaving me a message – insults and praise equally welcome.

So… I promised to tell you about my birthday didn’t I?
It was a couple of weeks ago now, for those who didn’t have it in their diary, and I decided to play it low key this year. I took a leisurely walk through town, picking up some supplies for the looming 24 Hour Comic Challenge, that week’s 2000AD and headed towards the park off Villiers Street that I can never remember the name of.d

Fortuitously there happened to be a concert there, which is unusual for the end of September, put on by the excellent charity Educate For Life as a thank you to the public for its support. I sat down on a deck chair and indulged myself for a couple of hours (reading AD in between acts).

Two bands really caught my eye (so much so, that I picked up CDs from both of them): Elova and Portico Quartet. Please head on over to their respective websites and check them out – I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Portico made excellent use of the hang throughout their set (I’ve mentioned it here before- it’s a really funky Swiss instrument), and the percussionist in Elova has the most interesting makeshift instrument I’ve ever seen – made from a carefully built wooden box and a few guitar strings.

Then I picked up Jen and we strolled along the South Bank, and investigated all the new cool stuff going on there – including the seats outside the Royal Festival Hall where you can sit and hear what an orchestra sounds like from the position of any musician in it and the miniature water fountain maze.

After that we went to see The Last Five Years at the Menier Chocolate Factory, which was a great show in a really nice venue (despite the Ryanair-like seating policy), and then topped off the night with a midnight showing of Clerks 2.
Which was great.
Despite what anyone else says.

My new body clock!

Yesterday I went to see Jen play in a concert at the Royal Opera House to celebrate the 30th anniversary of MAS. The last number was John William’s Star Wars Suite played by a 100 strong orchestra. Which was incredible!

PS. If anyone wants to sponsor me retrospectively for the 24 Hour Comic there is still plenty of time, just drop me an email. All proceeds go to Childline UK and you get a limited edition copy of the comic I produced, A Dog’s Tale.

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