Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I’m back and I’ve had some sleep. Any typos or grammatical errors from here on in are just because I’m rubbish.

The Brighton Comics Expo was fun. Numbers weren’t as phenomenal as expected (but they certainly weren’t as unphenomenal as some predicted) but that didn’t stop us having fun.

Despite the optimism of my last post (written mid-all-nighter) I didn’t leave London at midday Friday, as planned, but instead just before midnight. I wouldn’t have made it at all if it hadn’t been for the assistance of my lovely girlfriend Jen (whose 6am proofreading skills were far sharper than I had any right to expect) and my housemates Jane, Aine and Liam, who created possibly the most efficient drunken comics production line that the world has ever seen.

So I missed the Friday night frolics but I was more than ready for the Saturday night socialising. In attendance were all the regulars – so a quick hello to Andy Luke, Paul Fryer, John Aggs, Gordon Johston, Big Jim Stewart, Andy Luke, John McShane (looking forward to GlasKeek!), Shane ‘Smallzone’ Chebsy, the inimitable Engine boys Leon Hewitt and Colin Mathieson, Al and Maggie Davidson and everyone else I managed to spend some time with over the weekend.

A particular highlight was the 24 minute comic, overseen by whistle-blowing Adrian Brown. It’s amazing what some artists managed in the allotted time. I was particularly impressed with Henry Flint’s metamorphosing Wolf Man page. It just seemed to come out of nowhere – every time I looked over at him he seemed to have swapped the page for an even more detailed one…

I’d also like to send out a special thank you to my Noble Merlin Baillie Production cohorts Douglas (and Deborah) and Daniel, without whom the weekend would have gone with much less of a zing.

Hello to anyone who picked up one of my comics last weekend. An e-mail link is at the top of the page - feel free to let me know what you think.

No rest for the wicked they tell me, so I’m back to the drawing board and laptop this week, writing a sixty-minute-thing and drawing some Caveboy pictures.

Here are some photos and links from Brighton (Courtesy of Mr Andy Luke and the lads at Paper Tiger):

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