Friday, November 18, 2005

Good morning!

I have just this second drawn the final line of my latest comic, Tongue of the Dead. In fact I’m writing this as I scan the last pages. Now all I need to do is tidy up the art and kick off the print run.
And maybe get some sleep.

Tongue of the Dead will be on sale this weekend, along with The Indiscriminate Device (which I finished two days ago) at the Comic Expo in Brighton where I’m sharing a booth with Douglas Noble and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey.

Mr Goodbrey shall be accompanied by copies of his latest Unfolded Earth comic, Just Another Guy With A Planet For A Head, while Douglas will debut issues 17 and 18 of his ongoing concern Strip For Me. Both these guys are incredibly talented comics creators. If you’re stopping by to see my new stuff make sure you check out their work too.

We’ll be at booth/table 97, and appear on the Official Expo floorplan as Noble Merlin Baillie Productions.

Things should return to normal next week.
Just as well – I’m getting sick of being awake for two 8 o’clocks in the same day…

PS. Big a thank you to Radio 7 for helping through the last few weeks…

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