Monday, July 18, 2005

San Diego ComicCon 2005 is no more.

My feet ache (and aren’t looking in the best condition - be grateful I only post photos here rarely!) My head hurts (loud noises, alcohol and navigating through crowds of Storm Troopers and poorly shaped super heroes have all contributed) and my bag is even heavier now than when I arrived (I am lighter by about a hundred comics and forty or so business cards but have gained twenty-odd books and bundles of other people’s comics).

My last night at SD was, as they have all been, great.
Myself and Dan attended a dinner at an Italian place, the name of which escapes me, and also in attendance were James Sime and the Isotope crew, Larry and Mimi from AiT/PlanetLar and a whole host of people far more interesting and talented than myself.

As far as I can remember a good time was had by all...
As was a good amount of whiskey (apart from Dan who was on tequila and red wine all night).

The night continued into the wee hours at the Hyatt, with the party being spearheaded by Ian from The Isotope, whose enthusiasm for Dan’s work knew no bounds.
Oh, what I’d give for fans like that…

We checked into a different hotel last night as the place we’ve stayed at for most of this week becomes superstar expensive if you haven’t pre-booked. That must be an American thing. It’s slightly less luxurious (no pool or sauna) but no less convenient for comic related shenanigans.

Today I Amtrak to LA for my last couple of nights before heading back home. Looking forward to chilling with some of my swag and maybe a burrito.

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