Thursday, July 21, 2005

Well chilling didn’t happen. (Not that I’m grunblin’.)

After disembarking from the luxurious Amtrak (British train people are you reading this? This is how you run a public rail system: Clean, punctual, cheap, double decked and spacious!) I was relaxing in a Mexican café on Venice Beach, reading the fabulous Eisner/Miller conversations book, when a voice dragged me out of my comic-geek trance.

‘My friend edited that.’
‘Sure,’ I thought, ‘Here comes another Venice Beach Crazy…’
But apparently not. This guy really did know the editor, Charles Brownstein. After chatting for a few minutes I found out it was none other than Joshua Dysart, writer of Vertigo’s iconic Swamp Thing, among other things.

He, and his tres cool lady friend Laine, very kindly took me under their collective wing and we partied through my final night in LA, which featured, in no particular order, Bongo Fury, fire breathers, stilt-walking dancers, luminous sea algae, beach biking through Santa Monica, multi-storey car parks and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I barely caught my mid-day flight.

A gigantic thank you goes out to this incredibly cool couple, who showed this poor, wandering Scot friendliness and generosity above and beyond the call of duty.

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