Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mr Miller was too busy to see me yesterday, so I didn’t get my Dark Knight Returns hardback signed. The queue was pretty long by the time we got there (about ten minutes before the signing was due to start) and the guys at FP were doing their level best to make it as impersonal an experience as possible. Neither of which were conducive to ‘standing in line’ (as the Yanks say) for an hour.

As I was picking up this week’s 2000AD I popped over to the signing area to see what was going on and heard the following:
‘What’s the name? Bill? With two Ls? That’s for Bill, with two Ls, there, Mr Miller’.

Which is a shame, as signings can be fun things when people let them be.
Joel managed to grab Frank for a few minutes for a chat about his new book. I think he also managed it without having to spell his name to a shop assistant.

Then I went to see Ocean’s Twelve at the Prince Charles, which I really enjoyed.
It didn’t hang together as tightly as the first, but it was still witty, clever, classy and slick. Still not sure if it made complete sense…
Interestingly, the original screenplay wasn’t intended as a sequel to the Ocean’s Eleven, but was instead going to be a John Woo vehicle called ‘Honor Among Theieves’.
Anyway a good (if not great) film.

And it’s Star Wars III tonight…

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