Sunday, January 30, 2005

60 Second Opera.
On Classic FM.
Read by Leslie Garret.
Why, oh why, oh why?

I usually listen to either classical music or really heavy rock while drawing. Classic FM would be good if it weren’t for all the bloody adverts and Leslie Garret reading her pointless 60 Second Opera three times an hour (which is, for anyone blissfully unaware, just a plot synopsis – she doesn’t warble once).

Has anyone seen this story about Tom Conti, who has taken umbrage at the way London Transport deal with their congestion charge fines?
I think Tom’s a great actor (and he’s also a very nice man according to a friend of mine), but those who throw stones and all that… Certainly anyone who is prepared to be making a lot of noise about moral issues should not also be making adverts for Nestle!

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