Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Well, for what it’s worth, I think winter’s gone.
I was walking around this morning without a hat, and felt quite warm.
Mind you – I bet it still feels like winter before 9am!

I’m working on two projects concurrently at the moment. Well two comics projects, I’m also trying to squeeze in other stuff when I can. One’s called Kwot and the other is called Almost Dead, and they’re both a bit longer than twenty pages. I’m trying to keep ahead of schedule. Mainly because there are some mornings I wake up and just don’t feel like drawing or writing (or to be more particular, given the point I’m at with both works, writing poetry, lettering and drawing panel borders with my steel rulerand Indian ink, which smudges if you even look at it funny), and if I’m ahead of schedule then I don’t have to do those things every day.
Just most days.

Sometimes I wake up and feel like going to the cinema three times in one day, and then the gym. And then sitting in the sauna. And then coming home, eating pasta and going to bed.
If I could find three films I wanted to watch today I would, but I can only find two.
But that’ll do.

If there is a higher power: a God, an Architect, a Supreme being or a Universe Writer (regardless of whether He or She is writing down everything after we do it or making us do everything we do by writing it down in the first place) I think that waking up and doing what you really want to do, and enjoying it, is just as good a way of worshipping Him or Her as kneeling in a place of worship all morning or self flagellation with a cherry tree branch (or whatever it is they use).
In fact more so.
I think any God I can imagine would look down, from the heavens, or Studio or wherever He or She is, on one of his creations doing that and think:
‘No, no, no – you’ve got it all wrong! You’re supposed to be enjoying yourself!’

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