Friday, October 08, 2004

Taking a break from the drawing board while I scan in my pencilled pages…

Brrr.. Bit chilly isn’t it?
Think it might be time to un-retire those leather jackets I put away in March.
And maybe a jumper or two.

Saw Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow a couple of nights ago and thought it was very cool indeed. I might pay it a second visit while it’s still on the big screen - perhaps when I’m in a more Indiana Jones type mood.

Talking about films - whatever you do, don’t watch any ‘making of’ type programs for Layer Cake (sorry… L4yer Cake) before seeing the film itself. I caught a bit of one last night, while channel skipping, and it completely ruined the ending!

And speaking of Layer Cake (sorry L4yer Cake) - I cracked a tooth on a popcorn kernel while watching it last week and I think it’s exposed a nerve as I’m in a bit of pain. Hopefully the dentist can fix it on Monday before it starts to dent my page rate…

That’s about it actually.
Still waiting to see De-Lovely, Hero and The Life And Death of Peter Sellers. 25 Hours is on Sky tonight, but I can’t really justify taking such a long break from the drawing board.
Speaking of which… Back I go.


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