Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Quarter past five in the morning…
I bet you’re wondering – is he up really early or has he forgotten to go to bed.
Neither – just working until my eyes give up (which is right about now).

Today’s been a bit of a mixed bag, at least in terms of comics productivity. I managed a couple of hours of lettering and penciling this morning before heading off to see my dentist… Who had taken the day off sick.
Apparently his secretary left a message on my mobile to this effect, but I can’t pick up voicemail at the moment for some reason. Irate at wasting nearly an hour on an unnecessary journey I went to the Barbican library to drop off some books. Determined to make amends I managed to squeeze in another few hours drawing.
Tip for anyone looking to make comics in a library: be careful when inking – you never know when someone’s going to sit their fat arse on the end of your desk and disrupt your line!

I’m contemplating writing a novel next month.
That’s not as stupid as it sounds. Look here – NaNoWriMo.
I don’t think I’ll officially take part, just aim to meet the same target, ie. A 50,000 word novel in about 28 days. (I might have a guest visiting for a couple of days, and I’m probably going to the Comics Expo in Bristol too, so I wouldn’t get a full run at it if were just November).

Saw Hero on Saturday night – and it was awesome. I haven’t seen Crouching Tiger yet, but I’ve been told it’s even better, so I can’t wait.

Also watched some very interesting TV this evening while inking panel borders: Jonathan Miller’s A Brief History of Disbelief. Apart from interviews with notable atheists like Richard Dawkins and Arthur Miller and readings by actor Bernard Hill from ancient writers like Epicurus, it was also a fascinating documentary charting the history of the antithesis of religious belief.
Among the many interesting things I learned was that America’s presidents of old had undoubtedly atheistic tendencies (from Lincoln through Jefferson and onward) which is of course in stark contrast to the modern day, when presidents are commended for being openly religious and presidential candidates can be discounted completely for even hinting at disbelief.

Right – that’s about it from me for one night.
Should be up around lunch time if anyone’s looking for e-mail responses.

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