Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Apparently the fact that I lost a wisdom tooth yesterday, rather than my dental appointment being just another check-up, means that I deserve a bit of sympathy.
Far be it from me to turn down something I’ve earned.

Sometimes my stupidity baffles even me. I thought that after the extraction, I’d wait a few hours (maybe read some comics in the sun), have a nice lunch and then go to the gym.
Of course what I actually did was come home, moan a bit and then go to sleep.

And, especially for James, here is a link to the new Sandy Collora Batman ‘fan film’. It’s called World’s Finest (and it’s a great big zip file).
The last one was awesome – it was called Dead End, and it also had appearances from the Joker, Alien and Predator.

I wish the new Batman film could have used this costume, instead of the rubber/plastic effort they always seem to end up with. This looks far more convincing, and probably cost a hundredth of the one they gave to Christian Bale.

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