Tuesday, August 10, 2004

After a week and a half of holiday - walking in the hills and glens of the highlands, pulling ticks out with tweezers, eating breakfasts that would do a normal appetite for dinner, staying in remote farm houses and soaking up the start of the Edinburgh Fringe I’d love to tell you that my first day back at the writing desk was furnished with flowing and fluid prose.
It wasn’t.
Oh well…

If you’re in Edinburgh at all during August and can only see one show, then…. Well then there’s something wrong and you have to stay for a bit longer or get a better job. But if neither of these are options then you have to see The Translucent Frogs of Quuup at C Too, which I think might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on stage.
If you’re further north then The Weir at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre is definitely worth a punt (but I reckon anything showing there would be).

You’ve missed Mark Salem at the Tricycle, which I also heartily recommend, although you’d have had to sit amongst rude and arrogant Hampsteadites so maybe it’s best that you did.

I just got soaked going for an early (for me!) morning bike ride. I have a dental appointment in an hour… I think I’ll get the bus.

I hope everyone reading this has been well in my absence.
My e-mail appears to be working again so if you’re looking for work out of me, or just want to say hi then feel free.

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