Thursday, March 11, 2004

Thanks to Ang, my Journal proofreader, I've just fixed three typos from this month.
Yes I'm crap.
You can stop nodding now.

Another busy morning for me (8 weeks to go!)
Scribe is finished and ready to go to the printers this weekend so I can sell it next weekend. Awkward Fascination is going back to print for the ukwebcomixthing too.

Interesting review of AF here at the simply huge Silver Bullet Comics site. Bear in mind it's the old version (half the size with a B&W cover) of which I distributed four hundred copies last year at Bristol. This year I'll be taking cheapo copies of the new AF, new Scribe and pictures of my arse (I think they're going to have to be in colour to be appreciated!) and then I can sit back and see what the critics say then.

Right - where's my breakfast?

(Disclaimer: If you're reading this before Ang has had a chance to proof read it, my apologies for all the typos...)

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