Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The sun can't decide whether or not it's going to shine.
I'm almost better. This has been the weirdest and most insistent flu I've ever had, and I'm taking no chances with it.

Two pages left of Scribe to ink and I'm all done (apart from the putting it together in a comic shaped package).

Just found Harvey pekar's homepage and blog.

And I read this story last week, and wondered (and still do) how it'll turn out:

"A Philadelphia woman and her daughter have been reunited six years after the child was believed to have died in a house fire.
The reunion came six weeks after 31-year-old Luzaida Cuevas recognised the girl as her child at a birthday party; DNA tests later confirmed this."

This must be the story of the year so far. Link at the BBC.

Sun's out - I might go for a walk...

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