Friday, December 19, 2003

So I went to the Art Spiegelman/Philip Pullman talk last night at the ICA which was incredibly interesting and made me want to go home and draw one hundred comics.
Philip seemed generally knowledgable about Art's work, and comics in general, and it was was a very informative interview cum discussion on the ninth art.
And a little bit of opera.

The only thing that has enthused me about the medium as much as this in recent memory is my almost-monthly re-reading of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. Which reminds me - it must be that time of the month again soon...

Afterwards I gave a copy of my comic to Art (and he in return drew a mouse on my copy of Maus) and another copy to Paul Gravett, who writes a really good monthly column called Novel Graphics for Comics International, and had organised the whole thing.

Paul said that he had some very interesting comics related events in the works for the ICA next year. I missed out on some of the things he had a hand in this year (Chris Ware!) and I'm going to make sure the same thing doesn't happen in 2004.

Have a good weekend - I might see you in the shops!

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