Thursday, February 10, 2011

some dude with an ipod - ballpoint pen, 2011

Happy 2011!

Wait... What happened to January?!?

I drew the sketch above while on the funky, shiny new bit of the London Overground which I really like for two reasons:
  1. It's clean. (For now, anyway.)
  2. It gets me to lots of bits of London without going through Zone 1, and so saves me money.
I was on my way to The After School Club in Camden, which was really good even though we didn't win the drawing competition. The prize - a bottle of wine - was instead wasted on a non-drinking victor.

I went to see the King's Speech a couple of nights ago. You've probably already heard that it's good, so no need for me to say so here. I don't usually like films about royalty (unless they're based on something written by Shakespeare) in much the same way that I don't think I'd like films about people with too much chocolate, who did nothing to deserve all that chocolate and don't seem to appreciate all the chocolate they have.

I liked The King's Speech though.

I've decided to blog again in 2011, after pretty much taking 2010 off. That was partly an experiment to see whether the work would dry up any if my internet presence ran silent for a while and partly just because I was getting sick of the 'sound' my own 'voice'.

You can draw your own conclusions from my decision to return to the blogstone.

Some links for you, while I'm here:

- A lovely old Alex Toth comic.
- 20 Reasons it's Kicking off Everywhere @ the BBC
- My new design website.

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