Thursday, July 08, 2004

I’ve almost fully recovered from the lurgee I brought back from Portugal with me. I’ve made it to the gym a couple of times this week, (although I’ve spent more time in the sauna than I have on the climbing wall – give me a break I’m a sick man!) and I’ve had one and a half productive days of writing, which is a huge improvement over the weekend, when all I was capable of was climbing out of bed, eating a bit and then climbing back in.

Watched Shrek 2 last Friday and thought it was great, although as James said today, you can pretty much piece most films together from the footage you get in the trailers nowadays (whereas back when we were lads…) so I have resolved to stop watching trailers altogether. And as for reading the back of the DVD box before you watch the film… Argh – that’s almost as bad! I’ve never understood people who can’t watch a film without reading the blurb first.

Only a week until Spider-Man 2, and like the fanboy geek I am, I’m excited already. For anyone who can’t wait that long, some clever bugger’s acted out the whole film with lego. Word of advice though – they seem to have adapted it quite faithfully, so it does contain spoilers. (I closed my eyes for the bits I wanted to see as non-lego scenes first).

Saw Rodger Dodger last night, which was much cooler than I thought it was going to be. Think Holden from ‘Catcher In The Rye’ as an adult travelling back in time and advising his younger self on how to have a big night out.
Actually I bet that’s the idea the writer started out with.

Van Helsing tonight…

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