Friday, May 09, 2003

I've been in London for almost four years now. Looking at photographs of my Scooby Gang from when we first arrived in this big, filthy city is terrifying. We all look so young.
There's a video of a party we all attended just after getting here.
The Irish accents are so thick you can't tell what any of them are saying.
My accent is pretty thick too. I'm not sure what I'm saying half the time.

Four years ago...
Four years ago I needed a night off to recover from a couple of days of solid partying. Now I need a couple of days rest after a night out.
Four years ago I went to the gym to get bigger. Now I'm going to stop myself getting any bigger.
(This damned sedentary lifestyle...)
Four years ago I'd never drunk coffee or had an Indian meal.
I wanted to do a PhD.
I had broken teeth.
I wore Nirvana t-shirts under checked shirts.
I needed 4 hours sleep.
I could do a page of calculus in under two minutes.
I read two sci-fi pulps a week (I carried them in the inside pocket of my big Scottish-weather overcoat).
I read Socialist Worker and thought I was an anarchist.

Four years doesn't feel like a long time until I sit down and actually think about it.
And realise that I'm someone else entirely now.

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