Friday, May 02, 2003

I ate the jobby.
(In case you were wondering).

I managed to convince myself it that it was safe for human (and my) consumption. Which it was, of course.
And it was quite tasty.

I went to see X2 last night in the huge Odeon in Leicester Square. West End cinemas are pretty expensive, but I think it's worth it if you get to sit in one of the huge auditoriums. (It's not really worth it if they shove you in one of the pokey little rooms upstairs.)
The late shows are especially cool in the West End. Everyone laughs at the trailers and ads, and applauds at the end of the film. And in the middle sometimes.
Like last night, whenever Wolverine popped his claws and said something like
'You sure you wanna shoot me, bub?'
Or when he flew into a berserker rage and dropped twenty troops with his adamantium claws.
And they even laughed when familiar (to comics people anyway) names were dropped in, like the interview with Henry McCoy on TV.

I really enjoyed the film. I thought the writing was really tight, and even though it was an action film it was remarkably dense. There was so much going on that I reckon a second viewing would unearth lots of stuff you missed first time around, no matter how observant (or absorbent) you are. I loved how well the individual characters plot strands spun off, did their own thing and then all returned to the main thread to finish off the film.

I wonder if anyone else feels like Bryan Singer is teaching the world how to read and appreciate comics.
It's almost like he's given the general public the coolest bit of comics - the big cerebral bang of style, image, witty one liners and bang-wallop action - and he's slowly introducing them to the rest of the stuff that keeps the die hard fans hooked on stuff like the X-Men - the intricate plotting, complex character back story, soap operatics and love triangles.

Maybe he's going to introduce gaudily coloured uniforms and enormous breasts for all the female characters in the next installment.
Then there will be a multi-million strong audience primed for the X-Men of the mid nineties!

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