Friday, November 11, 2011

Even though we're slowly slipping into winter's grasp, the sun still shines...

Last week saw my debut in Mega City One... That's right, Tharg let me loose on the Judge Dredd universe!

(Megazine 317 - cover by legend Mark Harrison)

The Unfortunate Case of High Altitude Albert features art by the fiendishly talented Joel Carpenter and lettering by master craftsman Simon Bowland. It's part of a brilliant lineup in this month's Judge Dredd Megazine (that's right - available all month from good newsagents and comic shoppes the world o'er) including part 2 of a cracking Judge Dredd tale by Michael Carroll and John Higgins, Pat Mills and Clint Langley's creator-owned American Reaper and the next sizzling chapter of the adventures of Cursed Earth Coburn by fellow-Scot Gordon Rennie and Dredd-creator Carlos Ezquerra. There's also a brilliant piece on Henry Flint's new artbook Broadcast: The TV Doodles of Henry Flint by my mate Matt Badham and a revealing Interrogation of Jim McCarthy by PR Droid Mike Molcher!

Speaking of Judge Dredd - gad-about-town Ade Brown asked me to contribute to the Halloween art auction for his Just 1 Page charity and I came up with this:

That's an A4 rendering of an Undead Dredd, in sepia and red ink. Ade will be at Thought Bubble this weekend, looking for dosh - so if you fancy having this hanging on your wall please feel free to approach him with hard cash. (All money raised goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.)

This brings back fond memories... Valeria Ferrari (the co-ordinator and guru on The Casita Variations project we worked on in Paris with Danny Goodbrey) has plopped a video of the installation up on YouTube:

This week I'm mostly reading One on One by Craig Brown and Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut - both highly recommended. But I'll leave you with some quotes from my favourite itinerant mathematician, Paul Erdos - they're all great.

(His biography, The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, is a must-read!)

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