Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Last week was a sad one as the London comics community said goodbye to Dangerous Dan Lester who's off to South Korea for a while. ('Laying low until the heat dies down' apparently... Whatever that means.)

The page below represents the only tangible evidence of our last beer-sodden co-writing session. (The good bits are censored but I quite like the Judge Viking guy I drew.)

Anyway we all got together and made him a farewell card which was presented to him at Self Made Hero's fabulous launch party for David B's new book, Black Paths.

He's drawing a diary comic of his experiences, which will no doubt appear on a blog, webpage or lamp post near you soon.

It was a busy week for comic parties, launches, lunches and farewells and I have just about recovered in time to prepare to leave The Cave and be social again - this time it's the BBC Writers' Festival in Leeds.

There's a great line up (including Jimmy McGovern, Hugo Blick, Toby Whitehouse and Alice Nutter) and I'm really looking forward to it. I have to get up at The Crack of Doom tomorrow for the trek north and running out of business cards means I had to schedule a mad dash from train station to printers to hotel before it all kicks off... So check back in a few days for embarrassing tales of how I made an arse of myself due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

Some links for you:
John at downthetubes conducts a great interview with Jesus Redondo.
(Speaking of which - I hear from Sally Anne at Mega City Comics that the 2000AD our story was in sold out in record time!)

Cartoon Style Fighting Kids (I think the title says it all.) I reckon this would be a great way to make a low budget action movie.

Lift - A Portrait of Life in an East London High Rise - an amazing short film made round the corner from me by Marc Isaacs.

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